8th Annual International UHMWPE Meeting

Zzyzx Polymers will present at the 8th Annual International UHMWPE Meeting in Torino, Italy. The conference will be held on October 19th and 20th. For more information, follow the program on LinkedIn or find more information at the conference website

From Dr. Kurtz’s website-

Key Questions to Be Addressed in the Conference:

  • What are the long-term results for 1st generation HXLPEs?
  • What the risks and benefits of HXLPE in the upper extremity, ankle, and spine?
  • How do the short-term results for anti-oxidant additive stabilized HXLPE compare with 1st generation HXLPE?
  • Are there new thermal processing or additive technologies for HXLPE?
  • What are the advances in structural composites and fiber applications of UHMWPE for surgical applications?

    Scientific and Organizing Committee and Invited Speakers:

    Pierangiola Bracco, Ph.D. (University of Turin)
    Steve Kurtz, Ph.D. (Exponent, Drexel University)
    Ebru Oral, Ph.D. (Harvard Mass General)
    Elizabeth Paxton (Kaiser Permanente)
    Mark Tapzak, Ph.D. (Zzyzx)
    Mark Allen (Orthoplastics)
    Rainer Walkenhorst, Ph.D. (Celanese)