Plastec East 2017

Zzyzx introduced new high-performance polyethylene products at Plastec East, held in the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

  • Zzyzx Ultra-Tough HDPE is our toughest injection-moldable HDPE, combining high modulus and exceptional impact strength (no break, ASTM D256). Our Ultra-Tough HDPE is especially beneficial to applications where the chemical resistance of polyethylene is required.
  • Zzyzx Impact Modifier for HDPE greatly improves impact strength without a loss of rigidity. zPolyIM Impact Modifier is made from high molecular weight PE that has been treated so that it blends with HDPE using standard melt processing. Benefits of zPolyIM are an increase in impact strength without a reduction in stiffness, and the final resin retains all the chemical resistance and other properties of polyethylene. Further, zPolyIM greatly increases abrasion resistance and improves mold release.